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Starfish Labz - Project Introduction

Thailand’s First Online Learning Platform For Teachers and Parents: Learn and Connect To Educate Our Children

What Is Starfish Labz?

Starfish Labz is an online learning platform designed as a digital community for teachers and parents to learn, connect and share innovative resources that provide children with the skills needed to succeed in the 21st century. Content includes online courses, assessment tools and video resources that have been created and tested by institutions, organizations, educators and parents. Simply put, Starfish Labz uses education technology to elevate learning for children in Thailand.

An example of Labz' online courses


Courses. The core of Labz is a set of online modules that assist parents and educators in gaining the knowledge, skills and abilities needed for building a 21st century skillset for their students. The main courses have been designed by our coaches, professional development team and partner organizations. An emphasis is placed on the Makerspace concept, which via the Starfish Maker program is tailored for a Thai-specific context.

At the same time, we are looking for more organizations and individuals that are looking for an LMS platform to disseminate their courses. The goal is to have at least 70 courses available by the end of June 2019.

Homepage that helps users identify their needs, strengths and progress

Videos. Another exciting feature is the Starfish Videos space. Thanks to research performed over the past year, we found that Thai educators prefer to learn online using tools such as YouTube. With that in mind, the Videos space is a virtual library of techniques, how-to modules and approaches that teachers can tap into to sculpt the direction of their classrooms.

Users can select videos from four different playlists sorted by topic – Children’s Stories, Parents and Teacher’s Stories, How-To, and Lesson Ideas.

Personalized Learning. This is not just a standard learning website. A fun and innovative dashboard allows educators to track their own learning and skills, while at the same time seeing which areas of learning still need improvement. Certificates are provided to users who complete modules of learning.

Real Outcomes for the Real World. We are working to “gamify” Labz by providing points that users can cash in for rewards, most of which strengthen or add tools to their classrooms. We are also currently aiming to achieve a certified training status from the Thai Ministry of Education and Office of Basic Education Commission (OBEC) for Labz, which would allow teachers to use their completed courses to meet government stipulated training targets.

Education Research. The platform is also designed to collect data for research purposes on different professional learning models.

Why Starfish Labz?

The need for a learning management system (LMS) tailored towards teachers in the Thai education system was identified early on as a space in which we can usher in significant improvements and positive outcomes in Thai society.

Starfish Education Foundation is a US registered 501c3 charity with the mission of providing all children in Thailand with an equal opportunity to access quality education through innovative learning programs and tech solutions that address public education gaps in Thailand. Together with our partners, working on Starfish Labz can help us achieve that mission.

Our mission is to make Starfish Labz the go-to education technology and innovation learning management platform for Thai parents and educators. Come take a look!



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