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Starfish Academy

In a rapidly changing world of education, learning knows no bounds. Starfish Academy focuses on educational development for meaningful learning. We help create and disseminate various knowledge through quality development processes, across a variety of projects, to provide everyone with opportunities to access meaningful education, leading to lifelong learning for all.

Starfish Academy

  • Makerspace is a place for creators to build things according to their interests, through the Steam Design Process, to prepare children with essential skills and sustainable life skills for the future.

  • Professional Development for Educators manages education with diverse needs, shares experiences, and introduces innovations that enhance students' learning development, with experienced instructors. 

  • Educational Project Management provides consultation to develop meaningful learning in classrooms, so that students receive meaningful education, such as the "School Self-Development Project" funded for educational equality, and the "Reduce Learning Burden Project" in Samut Sakhon province, funded for educational equality by the UNICEF Thailand organization.

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