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Starfish Labz

Because learning for self-improvement doesn’t have to happen only in the classroom, we can learn anywhere without limitations. Starfish Labz is a learning platform and online community for students, learners, and parents. It focuses on innovative educational management, child development, innovation, and educational technology, promoting lifelong learning and addressing future educational needs.

Starfish Labz

  • Membership: With over 300,000 members, our learning activities have been accessed more than 10 million times. Over 6 million children across Thailand have benefited from learning with us.

  • Guiding Principles: We provide diverse learning experiences across 6 key categories, including up-to-date online courses, blogs, videos, news, and workshops—all aimed at personal development.

  • Starfish Labz Plus: Exclusive privileges for all members! Access even more robust content from renowned experts. By using our digital currency called “Coins,” you can choose content that aligns with your interests. Starfish Labz Plus offers unparalleled advantages for dedicated learners.


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