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Starfish Learning Hub

Starfish Learning Hub is a new learning platform for learners of all ages. It allows them to extend their skills for the future through learning from STEAM, makerspaces, and project-based learning. Our curriculum differs from traditional school learning by emphasizing hands-on agricultural practices, innovation design and production, environmental exploration, and sustainable social entrepreneurship. We aim to open up experiences for the learning community of the future.



Sustainable Entrepreneurship

Engage in food production from farm to consumer, learn sustainable farming practices, create and market food products, and foster environmentally conscious entrepreneurs.

Innovative Design & Production

Generate ideas, design, and produce products using modern tools and recyclable materials, learn about purpose and utility, and understand the success of innovative product design.


Eco-Explorers & Environmental Data Analysts

Explore nature and the environment, collect and analyze data to predict environmental trends, and use digital tools to prepare for roles in environmental conservation and data analysis.

Innovators for Social Impact

Create innovations to solve problems and drive change, utilize digital platforms for support and transformation, and cultivate digital-era social entrepreneurs.

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Cultural & Digital Tourism

Study Chiang Mai’s culture, use digital tools to enhance understanding of the rapidly growing tourism industry, and create digital campaigns, virtual tours, and cultural experiences to prepare for the future of digital tourism.

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  • Develop basic skills in reading and writing, including expertise in analytical thinking and advanced problem solving.

  • Promote health and emotional intelligence of students To have confidence have compassion and awareness of society

  • Stimulate creativity and Innovation through STEAM Education and Makerspace

  • Build skills like communication, collaboration and effective leadership through group projects. and community participation

  • Understand live in the real world for a learning experience, to prepare students for the job market and society of the future.

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