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FutureEd Fest

The nationwide celebration event is organized to inspire educational innovators. It takes place in both onsite and online formats, connecting teachers, students, and school leaders in an exciting atmosphere filled with creativity and boundless energy. The event showcases educational technology (EdTech) innovations, creative projects, and hands-on problem-solving activities through Maker Education. Attendees can look forward to enlightening keynote speeches by renowned speakers, engaging learning exchange activities, diverse workshops, and an exhilarating Maker Fest.

Our Goals

  • Support - Encourage the adoption of innovative educational practices and technologies among Thai educators and school leaders.

  • Promote - Foster diversity in educational settings and practices.

  • Provide a Platform - Allow students to showcase creativity and skills through the Maker Fest.

  • Facilitate Networking - Enable knowledge exchange and networking among students, educational innovators, and Edtech experts both locally and internationally.

  • Inspire - Motivate educators to integrate new teaching methods, technologies, and ideas into their classrooms.

  • Build Networks - Promote collaboration and networking among students, school leaders, learners, and experts in this field.


Panel Discussions

Engage in discussions and exchange ideas about educational technology, innovation, and Maker Education with students from Thailand and other countries.


Maker Fest

Explore the exhibition of learning management innovations, exchange opinions, and learn about Makerspaces to promote creativity in developing new innovations and technologies.



Workshops offer additional knowledge and experiences tailored to individual interests. These sessions are led by diverse experts and focus on practical “How To” knowledge that participants can learn, inquire about, and directly apply.


Keynote Speeches

Exchange and learn from experts in Thai education to inspire the next generation of learners for the future of education.



Hear about real-world innovation experiences from hands-on creators, advancing educational design ideas that align with future learning.



Pitching provides an opportunity for those interested in innovation development to participate, present, and gain inspiration in the arena of ideas. This takes the form of competitions at various levels, including students, university students, and teachers, all vying for awards and certificates of recognition.

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Awards recognize educational innovations of the year, both at the teacher and school levels. They serve as inspiration and models for Thai students, driving Thai education toward global excellence.

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