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Equitable and meaningful education for all learners to make positive changes - today and tomorrow


Starfish Education is dedicated to equip every learner in Thailand with meaningful educational equity. We work to close gaps in public education through innovative learning programs and cutting-edge technological solutions, supported by key partnerships. Our mission is to ensure equal access to a meaningful and quality education for all learners, leading to a brighter and more equitable future.



The Starfish name is inspired by a short story called The Star Thrower, or The Starfish Tale, by Loren Eisley. It is said that great change often starts with taking action on small things close to you, and everyone can start by themselves.


We strive to create meaningful change in Thai education. It may not be possible to solve all problems in Thai education, but our entire team strives to create positive change as much as possible through a variety of educational programs both Starfish School, Starfish Academy, Starfish Labz, Starfish Class, FutureEd Fest and Starfish Learning Hub. We work to continue our commitment to provide opportunities for everyone to have equal access to quality and meaningful education.



Follow the latest news ,official report and research results related to our work.

Our Partners

Office of the Teacher Civil Service Commission and Educational Personnel (OTEPC)

Office of the Secretariat of the Education Council

Equitable Education Fund

Local Government Organizations throughout Thailand

FutureEd Fest

Octava Foundation

Global School Leaders

Bett Asia

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