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Starfish In Partnership With Fund for Education Equality

Starfish Country Home School Foundation (SCHSF) has begun an exciting partnership program with the Fund for Educational Equality (EEF) that includes teacher development, continuous improvement on educational quality in 60 schools, and improving the systemic quality of entire schools, or School Transformation.

EEF was established in 2018 under the Equitable Education Act of Thailand and is under the supervision of the Prime Minister. Core objectives of EEF are to reduce education inequality by forming partnerships with different groups, conducting systematic research to support and develop teacher effectiveness, and provide financial support for children and youth who are in greatest need.

SCHSF organized a meeting on Thursday, October 10th in Chiang Mai city to explain the program alongside EEF, inviting the directors of the Office of Primary Education for Chiang Mai, Lamphun and Samut Sakhon provinces, who came to listen and discuss the project roadmap.

One goal of the partnership is to promote innovation through problem-based learning (PBL) and Makerspace activities using the STEAM process. This is to be done with 60 schools that have been selected in Chiang Mai, Lamphun and Samut Sakhon provinces.

Additionally, EEF has a focus on Continuous Improvement for the quality of education in 280 schools, which works to help schools develop from within. Finally, a School Transformation aspect will be a priority for select schools, and essentially is a "whole system" approach that strengthens school management alongside the school network, professional learning community (PLC) and the goals of the school.

Starfish Education is excited to participate with EEF and provide expertise and resources for these activities, which will continue throughout the next year. Stay tuned for updates!



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