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Future School Leader Program Kickoff

Starfish Education has launched an exclusive special curriculum under the Future School Leader project with the goal of developing Thai school leaders to be change leaders and drive the education of the future!

This course is organized in a hybrid format, starting in week 1 with school leaders learning onsite between June 11-12, 2024 at Starfish Hub, Bangkok. Weeks 2-5 are then run in an online learning format. The initial batch of Future School Leader brings together more than 17 school directors from various areas across the country to learn and develop important skills to drive change in schools.

This program aims to develop school leaders with the vision and ability to drive positive change within schools, develop future skills needed for school leaders in areas such as innovative thinking, solving problems with critical thinking, promoting modern learning and creating sustainable communities.

The main objectives of this project include:

  • Create school leaders with the vision and ability to drive positive change, develop future skills for school leaders in various areas, and lead to the development of teachers to be able to create quality classrooms;

  • Promote school leaders to have tools for school development, and can use the Future School Model innovation from Starfish Education to develop schools;

  • Encourage school leaders to have quality professional development guidelines in line with future educational changes.

Within the Future School Leader program, participants learn through a 5-week hybrid course including more than 23 topics, covering content ranging from designing school development strategies, using the Future School Model innovation to develop design thinking skills, risk management, effective communication, inspiring the team and much more by receiving knowledge from expert lecturers both the domestic and international education sectors.

This Future School Leader project is more than just learning. Rather, it represents a growth path in professional self-development on strategic innovation and visionary leadership. This opens up the opportunity to participate in transforming the future of education, to be ready to be a leader of change,  creating a valuable and meaningful educational experience for learners as well. 

The Future School Leader project is one of Starfish Education's commitments aimed at developing Thai education with the aim of creating quality school leaders, and can drive positive change by developing schools to meet the needs of learners in the 21st century and create a better educational future.

Mr. Damrong Matee, Director of Putthisophon School Chiang Mai Primary Educational Service Area Office 1, one of the leaders who participated in the project said, “The curriculum has many important things that will create experience for executives who will be leaders of the future. We can apply the curriculum to manage educational institutions, and participating in this project also resulted in connections from various organizations, with individuals with knowledge and abilities; having connections nowadays is very important to modern executives. In addition, we will have a close society with different or similar ideas. This society aims produce leaders who are ready to change education, and in the end we gain tangible knowledge from those who have the ability and expertise in this curriculum.”



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