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Teacher Hero - Season 2 Recap

Fresh off of momentum from Starfish Teacher Season 1, here is Season 2!

Read more about the project here (Thai language):

Since late 2019, the COVID situation 2019 has disrupted the education sector worldwide. Learning management in this "New Normal" world will have to change. Many teachers, parents and children face serious challenges in many dimensions.

Starfish Education has been working with the aim to solve problems in Thai education, and along the way we have noticed the strong hearts of many teachers; people who want to rise up to be heroes, to do anything for children during the COVID pandemic.

We believe that their quest is too challenging to do alone.

Thus, the Starfish Teacher Hero Season 2 project was born to find more of these teachers! People joined hands and formed teams of 3-4 to present innovative learning ideas that meet the needs of teaching and learning in the New Normal era in the following 3 topics:

1. Restoration of knowledge regression (Learning Loss) 2. Competency-Based Education 3. Wellbeing

Project Timeline

A total of 34 teams of teachers applied to participate in the contest.

Out of those Starfish selected the top 10 teams, with a total of 39 teachers from 20 schools in 10 provinces across Thailand.

Top 10 Innovative Teacher Hero Teams

Team 1: The Avengers “Arum Chae” Read their story here! (Thai language)

Team 2: NK Power Read their story here! (Thai language)

Team 3: Dare to Teach Read their story here! (Thai language)

Team 4: Happy Kit Read their story here! (Thai language)

Team 5: HOPE Read their story here! (Thai language)

Team 6: TBN Teacher Hero Read their story here! (Thai language)

Team 7: Tani 3 Read their story here! (Thai language)

Team 8: Kru Thai Loei Read their story here! (Thai language)

Team 9: MetamorCBE Read their story here! (Thai language)

Team 10: Prasat Sadok Kok Thom

Read their story here! (Thai language)

On November 20th, 2021, Starfish Education organized DEMO DAY as a gathering event for these ten finalists to present their innovations in learning management in the New Normal era that have actually worked with students in their own target groups.

All ten teams received advice, encouragement and feedback from a panel of five Thai education experts:

1. Dr. Nanthaporn “Prae” Seributra, CEO of Starfish Education

2. Dr. Kritsada Ruangareerat of the Thailand Education Partnership (TEP)

3. Mr. Romklao Changnoi, Teacher and Influencer from Dusitaram Secondary School, Bangkok

4. Ms. Paliporn Thanyananphol, Director of Public Communications and Partnerships at the Equitable Education Fund (EEF)

5. Mr. Somyos Kiataramkul, Director of Content at Thai PBS

Then came time for the final announcement! The results of Teacher Hero Season two are…

Starfish Education would like to congratulate all teams once again for making the finals, and for receiving awards in Teacher Hero Season 2!

Although this year’s round is over, we know that teacher-heroes all around Thailand are still determined to continue innovating and pass on learning and quality education to all children equally.



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