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Starfish Education Webinar - Our Work in 2020

Recently Dr. Prae Seributra, CEO of Starfish Education, held a Q&A webinar with various partners of Firetree Trust, which exists to support work that creates long-term positive change in communities in Southeast Asia. The info-graphic above summarizes the myriad activities and programs that Starfish has been implementing in 2020.

One goal of Firetree Trust is to promote connecting and sharing relevant learning among its various partners and initiatives. Since Starfish Education has been up to a number of valuable activities during the Covid-19 pandemic, this webinar served as a fantastic conduit for sharing what it has learned with other groups and projects in Southeast Asia.

In addition to its core work with schools, teachers, parents, students and communities, Starfish Education has had to adjust how it works due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdown in Thailand. Dr. Prae discussed these challenges, and how leadership and staff have adjusted to ensure that opportunities to improve access to quality education for children in Thailand continue despite the disruptions that have taken place.

Thanks to high levels of interest and requests for further discussion, a series of additional webinars are being implemented so that partners have more capacity and support to potentially begin their own learning initiatives elsewhere in Thailand, as well as the Philippines, Cambodia and Hong Kong!



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