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Starfish Education Leads "Makerspace Day" Activities for Schools in Bangkok

Starfish Education, led by Ms. Yoko Teruya, Vice President of Starfish Country Home School Foundation, organized “Makerspace Day” activities at Wat Bang Phlat School in Bangkok on October 11th, 2022. Over 200 teachers, administrators and students from 11 schools in the area participated.

The activities included ‘bases’ for teachers and students to choose according to their interests:

Base 1: Science - Mass, force and motion. This activity allowed participants to gain knowledge of the connection of masses to motion and use critical thinking skills to solve problems.

Base 2: Technology – This activity allowed children to use an application to create electronic media such as videos, pictures, worksheets. They could create a variety of teaching materials in digital format to meet different learning needs.

Base 3: Engineering – This activity promoted problem-solving skills, step-by-step thinking and design planning to create new works through learning activities.

Base 4: Art – This activity involved creative performances through the STEAM Design Process that helped participants get ideas to create art that used their creativity, assertiveness, planning and design skills (including communication).

Base 5: Mathematics – This activity involved geometric fabric. This allowed participants to integrate mathematics with fabrics through design thinking, planning and hands-on skills to make geometric pieces in a step-by-step manner.

All five bases used the STEAM Design Process, a 5-step process that can be applied to develop 21st century skills by active learning in the form of a Makerspace activity. The steps are Ask, Imagine, Plan, Create and Reflect/Redesign:

Ms. Nutchada Suttisat, Director of Bang Phlat School, said “Makerspace Day is a good activity that Starfish Education has brought to disseminate to children in these 11 schools. We hope that the children will have the essential skills of the 21st century, have curiosity, and learn and design a body of knowledge for themselves. As school director I promise that we will continue to do activities so that teachers can organize the teaching process more efficiently for the best interest of students.”

Starfish Education hopes that the STEAM Design Process will help teachers in the Bang Phlat area to apply these principles to their own classrooms, integrate different subjects together and blend essential skills for students to put into practice so that they can build more knowledge and apply it to their daily lives.

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