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SEF Publications for 2018

Welcome to our News page! This is a space where you can catch the newest updates on SEF's activities and progress in the fields of education, innovation and education technology. You can create an account in less than a minute, which allows you to share these posts with your friends and colleagues as well.

A good area to start with is publications that we have been working on. What were the projects that SEF supported in 2018? Can I learn more about what exactly education technology is? What are SEF's plans for 2019 and beyond? If you want answers to those questions, then feel free to check out our 2018 Annual Report, and also our Innovation and EdTech report.

These are located at the bottom of every page on the SEF website. You can view them and download them freely. Scroll down to the bottom of this page and try it out! As we release future publications, they will be at this very same location. If it's easier, you can also connect with us on LinkedIn to see these updates as well.

We look forward to keeping you "in the loop" on exciting SEF news and updates on the News page. Thanks!

-The SEF Team



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