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Secretary-General of Education Council Signs MOU With Starfish Education Foundation to Develop Thai Education

On May 28, 2024, Starfish Education Foundation signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for the Starfish Partnership project with the Office of the Education Council to develop Thai education through the dissemination and development of knowledge, creating a learning community, teacher professional development, research and assessment development for student outcomes.

Dr. Atthaphon Sangkhawasee, Secretary-General of the Education Council, and Dr. Nanthaporn Janchalia Seributra, President of the Starfish Education Foundation, signed the agreement.

Dr. Atthaphon said that this cooperation opens a channel to develop education to keep up with the times and reach more target groups according to the “Anywhere, Anytime” policy in which learners can study through various outlets and modern innovations that are easily accessible, while teachers and educational personnel have channels to develop their knowledge and increase efficiency in driving education to thinking together, doing together, creating quality people and working together to drive Thai education forward.

Dr. Nanthaporn said that Starfish Education aims to create a learning community through educational innovation, focusing on developing education that is meaningful to the country. Analyzing educational trends, developing a creative learning ecosystem, implementing learning management methods, becoming a role model for teaching ideas, innovation, and educational technology, and creating classrooms that encourage students to develop 21st century skills are integral to this.


The objectives of signing the MOU for the Starfish Partnership project are divided into 3 points as follows:


·      To jointly disseminate and develop knowledge to drive effective education through common channels;

·      To jointly create and develop a learning community and professional development for teachers and educational personnel;

·      To jointly research and develop the assessment of student outcomes according to actual conditions using tools to measure the development of student skills and competencies in educational institutions at the basic and vocational education levels.



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