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Recover from Learning Loss in the COVID-19 Era with Educational Innovation from Starfish Education

Starfish Education’s mission is to provide all children in Thailand with an equal opportunity to access quality education through innovative learning programs and EdTech solutions. This has resulted in educational management systems of various forms, such as:

- Teaching and learning innovations like Learning Box, Makerspace, Project-Based Learning (PBL) and the 3R Curriculum used by Baan Pla Dao School, our pilot school located in Chiang Mai;

- Innovations in educational technology, such as Starfish Labz, an online learning tool for teacher development and for parents to acquire skills in the modern world, and Starfish Class, an application that compiles skill and competency assessments that meet the needs of competency-based education for children;

- Starfish Academy, a teacher training institute which brings together educational experts to foster various elements of knowledge and organize both online and offline trainings in order to disseminate knowledge to the public.

We are working to solve problems and meet the challenge of helping Thai education to develop and progress, until it can truly make a difference for all children in the post-COVID “New Normal”.



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