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Learning Management and Learning Loss Recovery in the COVID-19 Era

COVID-19 has left a considerable mark on the education sector worldwide. Schools have been closed, students have been introduced to remote learning from home, and teachers and parents alike have struggled to adapt to the new set of resulting challenges.

Starfish Education has released a publication highlighting its experiences and learning in regards to a way forward for schools, teachers, students and parents. Entitled "Learning Management in the COVID-19 Era and Learning Loss Recovery", this publication presents a case study of how to adjust learning arrangements, reduce Learning Loss in children, and ultimately get schools and children back on a stable path towards an improved education. (See bottom of post for a download link to the publication)

Topics such as the various types of leanring management, "Learning Loss", and how to plan to recover from this learning gap caused by the COVID-19 pandemic are discussed. Additionally, the various innovative methods of learning management employed by Starfish Education's model school (Baan Pla Dao School) are summarized, with the Learning Box program taking center stage.

Baan Pla Dao School's role in expanding the Learning Box program and other learning management systems to other schools is also discussed, with detailed feedback and reflections from some of the more than 140 partner schools that work together with Starfish Education in varying capacities.

This report can hopefully serve as a resource to those interested in creating new ways to recover from the educational crisis brought by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Learning Loss Recovery During COVID-19
Download PDF • 8.45MB



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