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"Increasing School Quality, Reducing Inequality" Conference in Bangkok

Starfish Education attended the “Increasing School Quality, Reducing Inequality: Going Forward Sustainably” conference from September 26-27th at the TK Palace Hotel and Convention Centre in Bangkok, Thailand.

On the 26th, Dr. Supakorn Buasai, manager of the Equitable Education Fund (EEF), discussed plans for sustainability with its second-year partners, and the expectation of the school improvement program to transform education at the national level.

At this meeting, the voices of students from schools that participate in the teacher and school development program were also heard about continuously improving the quality of education. Students from Baan Aen School shared stories of learning that brings happiness to them, including “Mouse, Mouse, How Would You Like to Study?” Additionally, teachers from Baan Wiang Wai School shared their experience on the role of teachers learning to become coaches in the program.

In the afternoon session Dr. Nanthaporn Janchalia Seributra, CEO of Starfish Education, participated in discussion of the Whole School Transformation process, which is being implemented with EEF as part of the Upgrading School Quality, Reducing Inequality initiative. It aims to help 10% of participating medium-sized schools to have 100% positive results. These schools can develop as an entire system by creating a set of new values in the process.

On the 27th, conference attendees consisting of administrators, teachers and students shared their experience on knowledge management activities, including schools and self-improvement, and the “INFO” information system for effective school development. Participants also had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Kawinkiat Nonphala, the Deputy Secretary of the Office of Basic Education Commission (OBEC), about the topic of OBEC driving the “Self-Improving School” initiative forward.

EEF emphasizes the importance of teacher and school development in order to continuously improve the quality of education, especially for medium-sized schools across the country to develop themselves holistically. This will lead to achievements which result in the reduction of educational disparity and the increase of better educational results as well.



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