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EEF Forum Held in Bangkok, Thailand

Starfish Education participated in “Upgrading School Quality, Reducing Inequality” event for the Central Thailand region on 28-29 November, 2020 at the IMPACT Forum, Bangkok, Thailand, which was organized by the Equitable Education Fund (EEF). The event aimed to build knowledge and understanding for the implementation of the concepts of EEF’s corresponding programmes. It also introduced the use of an information system (Info) to be used as a tool to develop the quality of continuous education management. This was implemented for the first and second round of schools that have participated with EEF and Starfish Education thus far, as well as related local agencies.

Starfish Education collaborates with EEF to support the implementation of teacher and school development programmes to continuously improve the quality of education for both the first and second rounds of participating schools, so that these schools can develop in a systematic fashion. There are two areas of conceptual development – school management, and learning management at a classroom level.

The event also aimed to ensure that all participating schools (approximately 170 schools in the Central region) continue to be effective and achieve objectives that have been established by EEF; broadly, to provide learners with skills that are in line with the 21st century and to achieve higher learning outcomes.

The agenda of the meeting focused on building understanding of the operating guidelines, creating cooperation from school parent organizations in order to improve teacher and school development, and promoting guidelines to support partner networks for also improving teacher and school development, as well as for teachers and administrators to measure the results of their respective schools.

Dr. Nanthaporn Janchalia Seributra, CEO of Starfish Education, touched upon the importance of developing and supporting schools to apply technology towards the evaluation of learners. For example, the Starfish Class application is a tool to measure and assess the skills and performance of learners, reduce the workload of teachers, and also to help teachers in designing learning arrangements that meet the diverse needs of learners.



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