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COVID-19 Response

As the world is facing this pandemic, we are all doing the best we can to take care of our

children, families and our community. At Starfish Education, we are working hard to support our

communities through our programmes during these challenging times.

Starfish Country Home School

Our K6 school is now closed according to the Thai government strategy to encourage social

distancing. All of our school management and teachers are working from home. The homeroom

teachers are always in contact with the guardians on group chats. There is a dedicated school

hotline (+66 95 685 9092) available for guardians should they need assistance on anything.

Starfish Academy

We are actively working to move all of our prearranged Face-to-Face workshops and events

online. Notably, the work to support professional development for 59 public schools in the

TSQP project of the Equitable Education Funds (EEF). The coaches are working hard set up

online courses and producing educational materials to continue the great work with the schools.

We are also working rigorously to add more online courses on our curriculum. Please stay tuned

for the upcoming online courses at

Starfish Labz

As an online learning platform for parents and teachers to help children develop 21st-century

skills, we have more than 90 online courses for parents to learn about child development,

learning strategies and hands-on activities. We are also launching three new course collections

for parents and family to support their children’s education and development during this home

learning time.

Starfish Country Home School Foundation and Starfish Innovation Co.Ltd (Social Enterprise)

The management has been working hard to set up our work from home policy which includes

HR-related policy, team planning and technology professional development planning for our

employees. We have been transitioning to home working. All employees will be working from

home form Monday 23rd, March 2020 onwards.

We do realise that the disaster affects everyone on professional and personal levels. We are

making sure that we do all we can as an organisation to support our children and their families,

our partners, community, last but not least, our Starfish and Firetree trust team members. I am

grateful and proud of our team for their responsive, thoughtful and caring actions. Together, we

can get through this global crisis. Take care, everyone!

Dr. Prae Seributra



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