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Competency-Based Learning During COVID

Dr. Nanthaporn (Prae) Seributra, CEO of Starfish Education, attended a panel series titled “Innovative Learning Management With Positive Energy During Covid” on 27th October, 2021. This 5th installment of the series focused on how to implement competency-based learning during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The discussion was arranged by the Center for Moral Promotion, an organization under the Ministry of Culture of Thailand. The mission of the organization is to encourage and promote learning, research, studies, knowledge collection, creation and management.

The meeting was used for sharing and reflection on various success cases of innovative learning management systems during the Covid pandemic, challenges for schools and teachers, and to discuss techniques and tools for running competency-based learning. Starfish was represented by Dr. Prae and served as one such positive example.

You can view a recording of the discussion (Thai language) on the Center for Moral Promotion's Facebook page here.



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