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21st Century Skills - For Students AND Teachers

Part of the rationale for promoting education technology and innovation in Thailand is that by improving 21st century skills, children in Thailand can be ready for the careers of the future. So, what do we mean by “21st century skills”?

The World Economic Forum periodically publishes a report named The Future of Jobs Report that discusses what is needed for working success in the future.

There are several interesting takeaways from this report that stood out to us, but here is a big one: 65% of children entering primary schooling now will work in jobs that do not exist today.

So, there is an ever-changing set of skills that will be needed in the future. However, schools currently have curriculum that mostly aims to address the needs of the recent past, or at best, the needs of the present. Here’s an example of that gradual change:

Keeping all of this in mind, SEF has set their own focus on the following set of skills for the children and youth of Thailand:

At the same time, we fully understand the need for educators to also be updated on how to prepare children for those skills. So, SEF focuses on the following set of skills for teachers and educators:

As you continue to see updates on the programs and initiatives that SEF promotes, it is helpful to remember what we are aiming for: to prepare children for the jobs of the future.



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