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Starfish Maker is a program that aims to disseminate knowledge and to develop capacity for educators and learners through a system known as Makerspace. This is achieved by providing academic services, creating an online learning community, providing professional development for educators and consultation services, and opening spaces for children, schools, communities, and families to use free of charge. Starfish Maker's goal is to provide the opportunity for all children in Thailand to have access to quality education.

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We also recognize the need for today’s parents and educators to have better and more consistent access to the tools they need to build their own capacity. With that in mind, Starfish Labz was created as Thailand's first online learning platform for teachers and parents. It is designed as a digital community for teachers and parents to learn, connect and share innovative resources that provide children with the skills needed to succeed in the 21st century. Content includes online courses, assessment tools and video resources that have been created and tested by institutions, organizations, educators and parents. Simply put, Starfish Labz uses education technology to elevate learning for children in Thailand.


We also support a Thai registered foundation, Starfish Country Home School Foundation (SCHSF), which implements the following programs -



Registered as a private school with the Thailand Ministry of Education at the kindergarten (anuban)and primary (pratom) levels, the Country Home School serves students and families from ethnic minority backgrounds, as well as the local Thai community near Mae Taeng. The curriculum is delivered through a Project Based Learning Approach in both Thai and English.


Building capacity for local educators and communities via professional development focusing on literacy, Project Based Learning and Makerspace.


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In addition to our partnership with SCHSF, we also work with Starfish Innovation Co, Ltd, a social enterprise, to create and manage these and other innovative education programs in Thailand. In addition to providing training and professional development for the Starfish Maker program, Starfish Innovation also created and currently supports the Starfish Labz learning management system as a service for use by Starfish Education.