Led by Dr. Nanthaporn Seributra, Starfish Education is funded through a dedicated endowment managed by Firetree Trust.​

Firetree Trust is the successor of two US Foundations: Tondo Foundation and Starfish Education Foundation, both endowed by Richard Paul “Dick” Haugland - a philanthropist, scientist and entrepreneur. Firetree will continue the work started by both Tondo and Starfish ensuring stronger integration between the various programs and initiatives.


We are firmly rooted in Asia where everyone in our team is based and all our work is carried out. Starfish Education is the extension of the programs that the Starfish Education Foundation oversaw.


In everything we do, we carry on Dick’s legacy and expand on the main charitable priorities he developed over the years together with Francesco Caruso, his long-time friend and colleague and Dr. Seributra with whom he designed most of the Starfish curricula and programs.